The potential of Electric Vehicles

Demand for Electric Vehicles (EVs) has been tepid leading some to question if there is a future for this newest breed of no emission transportation. Electric vehicles are not a new technology with the first prototypes being built well over 150 years ago. In the spot light today is the Chevy Volt which has been suffering from technical problems such as overheating chargers and power loss. Both the Nissan Leaf and Volt are criticized because of their low sales volumes, technical issues and driver anxiety that a charge won’t last the distance. Experts believe it is too early to discount 100% electric vehicles. Roland Hwang, Director of the Transportation Program at the National Resource Defense Council believes “It is insane to judge the (Electric Vehicle) market by one year of sales. The Volt and the Leaf are fantastic vehicles. The fact that they sold on order of 15,000 vehicles in the first year is a fantastic story.”

The Obama Administration and automakers in 2011 agreed to boost the average fuel economy by 2025 to 55 miles per gallon which is about doubling the current average. Electric vehicles will play an important part in reaching the goal, however it will take several EV generations to get the kinks out. Automobile manufacturers appear to be optimistic introducing eight new electric vehicles in 2012. Check out this informative 5 minute review of the latest electric vehicles from the 2012 LA Auto Show.


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