Hand numbered limited edition Messenger Bag

Noll Messenger Bag:

Featuring a variety of pockets and durable waterproof exterior the Noll Messenger bag is sure get a lot of attention.

* Durable upcycled waterproof exterior * Two exterior pockets and five interior pockets * Padded laptop sleeve with protective elastic closure * Exterior Zip Pocket * Hand Numbered and Limited Edition


Burn baby burn

Ecosystems such as forests need fire to remain healthy. Throughout the US suppression of this natural process has created the potential for severe wildfires which can cause more damage than if a prescribed fire had taken place. Controlled burns can be beneficial but they are not without controversy.

It is the exception rather than the [...]

We are back








Dear Energy Rebels,

On behalf of our entire staff I want apologize for the recent outage of our primary site. Unfortunately the service provider we contracted with suffered an unrecoverable event at their data center. During the outage our store remained open however both the web, mail [...]

Increase in Chinese wages could mean return of jobs to the US

According to the Boston Consulting Group 15 to 20 percent annual wage increases in China will result in manufacturing jobs returning to the US with a surge occurring in 2015.

It is estimated more than five million manufacturing jobs left the US during the past decade. The re-balancing is expected to impact industries in the [...]

Study suggests some Facebook users love themselves a lot








A recent study by Christopher Carpenter, Assistant Professor of Communications at Western Illinois University suggests Facebook users show narcissistic behaviors.

Highlights of the study describe:

Grandiose exhibitionism (NPI) was correlated with self-promotion on Facebook Entitlement/exploitativeness (NPI) was correlated with anti-social behaviors on Facebook Self-esteem was negatively related [...]

Space travel with Virgin Galactic

Sir Richard Branson has a lofty goal of making space travel available to everyone. His company Virgin Galactic is building two spacecraft that will have the ability to take passengers and payloads into sub-orbit. The spacecraft WhiteKnightTwo (WK2) features four jet engines and will act as the launch vehicle for [...]

Use body heat to charge your cell phone

The thermoelectric effect describes how differences in temperature can be used to create energy. The effect was first discovered after two metals at different temperatures joined in a closed loop produced an electric current with the charge flowing from the hot side to the cold side.

The effect can be demonstrated by attaching copper wires [...]

Zero Energy Buildings

Zero Energy Buildings (ZEB’s) are gaining the interest of designers and builders since theoretically they will produce as much energy as they use over the course of a year. Today in the US there are eight zero energy buildings certified by the Department of Energy.

Designers take into consideration factors such as the orientation of [...]

Plug and Play Speaker Dock for Android phones

Speaker Dock for Android:

List Price $119.00

Energy Rebels Special $94.99

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Be one of the first to own a plug-and-play universal docking station for Android phones.

Digital Innovations delivers the perfect solution for charging your Android phone along with [...]

The Buzz about Bees

The role of bees in the production our food supply is well known. The species Apis mellifera are pollinators found worldwide. Entomologists claim over 100 crops representing 90% of world food supplies are pollinated by bees. Bees are threatened and although Africanization of bee colonies is thought to be a primary reason, there are [...]