Anonymous Search Engines can reveal Context Neutral Information


Anonymous Search Engines are excellent for social media professionals - (GNU-GPL3-Author-Wikinaut):

Aside from growing concerns over internet privacy, search engines have become increasingly more customized to fit the habits of everyday people. For someone who engages in social networking and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)…this presents a perplexing problem. How does a company or SEO professional find out the results of the average person when its brand is entered into the query box? Successfully determining Context Neutral information on one’s own brand and/or web-searchable content can proverbial gold yield nuggets of valuable insight.

Traditionally, a SEO user would need to activate a secondary web browser with its “cookies” reset to receive Context Neutral Information. For example, if you wanted to get a fresh look at how your blog is doing for relevant keywords, you could open up Safari and use the “Reset Safari…” command which is located under the settings tab. After using this command and checking all the applicable boxes such as “cookies” one can easily search a term like, “California Blog” and see unadulterated results. Although the results will still be affected by Internet Protocol (IP) address which basically means your zip code, the information will not be tainted by customized responses which cater to one’s archived browsing habits. Unfortunately, this technique can be extremely inefficient when several search queries are required for analytical research.

In order to remedy this problem, one can use an Anonymous Search Engine. An example of an Anonymous Search Engine is “” and it works great from a SEO and social networking perspective. Every time you go to the website, you can search for keywords without getting targeting advertising and/or AI customized search results. To make this more clear, if you enter a query at, the results will be as if anyone in your IP address range inputted the keywords. For example, when I searched, “energy rebels” using the search engine, “” the first five results pointed back to this domain, but the rest of the front page results included other websites. Yet when I use other popular search engines, I received seven search results that all pointed back to

Now you can see how using search engines which cater to your own web surfing habits is not as effective for SEO analysis as an Anonymous Search Engine which delivers Context Neutral Information. By searching key terms at you can quickly acquire an unbiased overview of the web presence of your company and/or online project.


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