Embrace EcoDriving

With rising gas prices and no real strategy by government to reduce our dependency on foreign oil it is time once again as Energy Rebels to take matters into our own hands.

Hypermiling is a technique that became popular in the early [...]

Get Power for your iPhone in a Pinch

The Duracell My Pocket Charger for Apple devices is a convenient and reusable charger providing power when you need it most.

Carry it wherever you go Uses AA batteries Get up to 24 hours of music on a charge Compatible with all 4th generation or greater iPod/iPhone models using dock connectors Lanyard included DAILY [...]

Occupy Portland Coordinated Protest against Major Corporations on February 29th

Coordinated OWS protest scheduled for February 29th:

The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is the latest target of the Occupy Wall Street movement. The protestors claim ALEC provides corporations with access to law makers so bills favoring their businesses can make it through the legislation process. ALEC has acquired the scrutiny of Occupy Portland [...]

Abundant Natural Gas as an Alternative Fuel for Transportation

Natural Gas is a viable fuel source for Automobiles:

This week we heard the President say the Republican plan to alleviate the pain at the pump is to drill, drill, drill. He implored us to look at alternative energy sources. OK, I did. The facts from the government agency that analyzes statistics about energy [...]

Getting a sleeve from us is a lot less painful and your friends will be just as impressed

I dare you to click on me:

Instead of dumping left over material from the wet suit manufacturing process into a landfill, the 10″ Hoptu Sleeve is reborn to protect your laptop or tablet.

While sleek on the outside, it’s all business on the inside with durable 100% nylon neoprene to cushion thumps and [...]

Anonymous Search Engines can reveal Context Neutral Information

Anonymous Search Engines are excellent for social media professionals – (GNU-GPL3-Author-Wikinaut):

Aside from growing concerns over internet privacy, search engines have become increasingly more customized to fit the habits of everyday people. For someone who engages in social networking and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)…this presents a perplexing problem. How does a company or SEO [...]

Alternative Energy Watches and Pioneering Consumer Electronics

Watches have been at the forefront of consumer electronics development for the last 100 years. From the traditional pocket watch to Citizen’s Eco-Drive these handheld marvels continue to push the limits of technology. Watches are also fashion statement and can communicate without words wealth and sophistication.

Seiko twenty years ago created the first watch [...]

Engage Nature with EcoInnovative Performance Apparel

A teaser-video featured below showcases the awe inspiring power of humanity and nature. The video called “TimeScapes” is available for pre-order now. Shot in ultra-High Definition the film shows every star in the sky and blade of grass in vivid detail. After watching the emotional preview one can’t help but feel connected with nature [...]

Immortality on Your Dinner Plate

Lobsters can live and grow until they are taken out by predators in their environment or enjoyed by you with drawn butter:

What does Long John Silver and Vampire Hunters have in common? Both of them hunt immortals! But where a vampire hunter like Van Helsing or Blade might hunt fictitious vampires…Long John Silver [...]

The Transition of Smart Clothing from Military to Civilian Use

Smart Clothing – The Transition is Near:

Staying connected, it’s a trending desire which is fueling technology of today. Everyone wants access. Rapid communication, knowledge and entertainment is no longer a luxury in America…it’s a demand. Showing a presentation on a smart phone can make-or-break a business deal. An extra five minutes saved by [...]