Unlocking the Secrets of Metabolism

Unlocking the Secrets of Metabolism

Unlocking the Secrets of Metabolism:

The word “metabolism” is quickly becoming a term which is losing its value. Metabolism has been used by Pseudoscience as a catch-all keyword for the purpose of influencing buyer decisions.

We’ve all heard at one time or another the phrase, “Eat this, it’s good for your metabolism.”

What does that even mean?

A spider bite could be good for the “Metabolism” if it was able to motivate someone to get up and walk around. And that’s exactly what this article is about. We’re going to dig deep into the secrets of Human Metabolism, it’s roots and find out if this term has any real value.

Metabolism is a cellular function. Our cells learned how to do this a very long time ago. Just like how we have ancestors that may trace their roots back to Africa, Europe, or Asia…our cells have ancestors as well. But the difference is, cells trace their ancestry primarily through metabolic functions.

Animal cells which people use have an awesome metabolic system called the Krebs cycle. This is a small part of the very complex metabolic cycle but it is extremely important.

The Krebs cycle or the Citric Acid cycle is where a tremendous amount of metabolic energy is harnessed. The more energy the cells have, the more electrical energy the human body which contains the cells has. It’s really as simple as that.

They key to unlocking the secrets of metabolism is knowing the ingredients for powering the Krebs cycle.

These ingredients include, pre-sorted raw nutrients, water, air, and kinetic energy.

Now you’re probably reading this and thinking, “Kinetic energy? I thought my metabolism was supposed to make energy…not absorb it.” And if you were getting skeptical right there, you’d be absolutely justified and correct to feel that way.

If you’ve ever heard the phrase, “It takes money to make money.” It’s the exact same thing with metabolism and the Krebs cycle. Energy is used and absorbed throughout the entire process.

Since we are dealing with small cells, the organelles and enzymes require kinetic energy to function properly. This is where, “Fire” in ancient cultures comes from. It relates to the basic energy which is needed to do work. That’s why ancient cultures and the different Native American tribes of North America engaged in ritual dancing. They knew about how fire was necessary to fuel the greater fire inside oneself. In a similar way, the Krebs cycle requires kinetic energy in order to function properly.

The reason why the Krebs cycle is called a “cycle” is because it is a cyclical process which continues over and over again until the cell perishes. It never stops.

Pre-sorted nutrients are determined at earlier stages in the metabolic cycle. This is like picking the chaff from the wheat in terms of nutrients. One cellular organism’s food is another’s poison. But if we were to compare an animal cell to a coal power plant. The coal would be the raw sorted nutrients.

Water is a necessary component of the Krebs cycle during virtually every step of the way. It is added to chemicals during certain stages and it is a byproduct during others. Without water, the entire system loses momentum. A good rule of thumb is: “If you want to feel high-energy…you need to stay hydrated.”

Air is a necessary component of the Krebs cycle. Oxygen, Hydrogen and Nitrogen are vital components of the different necessary chemicals which participate in the Krebs cycle. And these elements are all in our air in one form or another. This is one of the reasons why professional athletes have systematic breathing techniques. Weight lifters and swimmers all control their breathing to maximize their potential.

Now here’s the final key to unlocking the power of metabolism in a human being:

Control the levels of each of these four categories. Too much or too little of any of these factors such as water, nutrients, air, and kinetic energy can decrease the desired product. The desired product of course is cellular raw energy which is based on electron flow.

All too often, we exercise too much and not eat enough, or eat too much without drinking enough water. These macro imbalances translate to micro-level imbalances on a cellular level.

The Native Americans understood this intuitively and through experience, and that’s why they had exercise in terms of dancing as a community activity. Dancing is an activity which requires movement, breathing and it makes a person thirsty and hungry when it’s done right.

So now you have unlocked the secrets of metabolism. Check out the sources below on the Krebs cycle to find out even more!


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