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Nuclear Explosion

CarlosLabs developed a Java-based application called, “Ground Zero II” that uses Google Maps to give rough fallout information on hypothetical and simulated nuclear strikes. This information is for general education purposes only. These are NOT REAL nuclear strikes.

With Ground Zero II you can get a rough estimate for the fallout radius for a nuclear strike on a specific city. The weapon selector at the bottom left of the map allows a user to see the destructive power of the different types of nuclear weapons.

You have your choice of everything from a 1 kiloton suitcase bomb, to a 50 megaton Tsar Bomba.

One drawback is the program needs wind to be adjusted manually. It doesn’t take into account local weather. But wind direction is easy to adjust by the compass rose on the bottom left of the program. Click on the different directions to see the fallout pattern change.

A hidden “Easter Egg” in Ground Zero II lets the user simulate the prehistoric asteroid which probably wiped out the dinosaurs. If you move the weapon slider to the far right, it will say, “Chicxulub Impact.”

The amount of devastation wrought by the Chicxulub Impact must have been beyond words. It is an exponentially larger explosion and fallout zone than any disclosed nuclear warhead.

Although Ground Zero II shows fallout, pressure and thermal damage radii in its maps, it doesn’t account for collateral damage. A city destroyed by a nuclear weapon would leave radioactive pollution in the water supply and food chain. This can far exceed any radius purported by the Ground Zero II applet.

Also, it should be noted that this program does not take into account topography or man-made structures. So Ground Zero II only gives rough estimates on nuclear blasts.

We hope you enjoy this program and use it to see how dangerous and deadly nuclear weapons can be. Even the smallest nuclear weapons can have spillover fallout effects on neighboring cities.

Programs like this one are educational and thought-provoking. They help remind us how fragile our cities really are. Since we are all connected now through information and trade channels, losing a single city would be a horrible catastrophe for everyone. Therefore the best defenses against nuclear attacks are strong friendships with our neighbors. And the best preparation against this kind of suffering is to preemptively spread peace and love to all of humankind.


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