Plastic to Crude Oil for Communities by ENergy Evolucient Systems

evolucient system

Evolucient Systems can take plastic waste and turn it into crude oil

“ENergy Evolucient Systems” offer a simple way for communities to create crude oil. These machines take plastic waste and turn it into oil. Although devices like the B-240 Continuous Processors are too expensive for a single family to purchase or operate, they are hypothetically intriguing investments for a small community.

Suburban and inner-city communities have an unlimited supply of plastic waste. Beach cities are littered with tourist plastic waste. Suburbs see no end to empty plastic containers that find their way into parks, alleys and the adjacent areas of commercial businesses.

The one problem with basic recycling is that individuals only get a small amount of monetary compensation for literally tons of plastic waste.

Although many people are altruistic and recycle regardless of the monetary compensation…what they are doing has value and they should reap the direct benefits of their labor.

ENergy Evolucient Systems basically take ground-up pieces of plastic and then perform several processes to that plastic. These processes include but are not limited to heating, liquifying and filtration.

The end result is that if you put in the right kind of plastic, you get crude oil which can be eventually turned into gasoline for your car or motorcycle.

An ENergy Evolucient System such as the B-240 lists for $189,000 – and the company says their systems can create light crude oil at 24 cents per gallon.

One application for this type of technology could be for communities that have large amounts of litter and a significant homeless population. A community with a system like this one could easily beat normal recycling profits.

Bottom line: homeless people would make more money per pound of recyclable plastic waste.

Since some homeless people already pick up recyclables and bring them to processing centers for pocket change…this could increase the incentive for keeping the streets clean.

Also, families that already manage their recycling into separated containers could benefit from an ENergy Evolucient System. If a network of families brought their plastic to a machine like this, there could be enough crude oil to turn into inexpensive gasoline. After the necessary processing, this gasoline could in-turn be sold to local gas stations.

Families that give plastic to the ENergy Evolucient center could be given a gift card for participating gas stations once they reach a certain poundage of donated plastic waste.

These types of innovative solutions may seem challenging to implement at first glance. But with constant inflation and increasing fuel prices…innovative solutions are our best bet for economic survival.

Some counter-arguments could be the idea of zoning and city regulations. Most cities have ordinances and policies regarding how waste is handled, and changing them will be difficult. But does that mean communities facing an uncertain future shouldn’t prepare themselves?

Questions like this one are difficult to answer and require normal citizens to accept greater responsibility for their standard of living. To start like this would require business owners, social media aficionados, public relations experts, lawmakers and families to work together in ways that goes beyond the normal concept of “community service.”

If you or your community leaders want to learn more, we recommend you call ENergy Evolucient Systems at (360) 447‐8853 – preparation for the future starts with those whom accept responsibility.


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