A Good Reason to Garden by Carol Carimi Acutt

Carol Carimi Acutt on Gardening and Relaxation:


I went to yoga class Sunday morning, something I look forward to on the weekends after a busy work week. And I must admit, there is that moment of hesitation before I roll out of my cozy bed and leave the [...]

Fantastic Overclocked Plasma Energy Ball by juniortore1

Overclocked Plasma Ball – Skip to 4 minutes to see the ball in action – (Please watch in HD):

A YouTube user named: juniortore1 knows how to do everything from installing a turbo engine to setting up high-powered lasers. But his work on his “Overclocked” Plasma Energy Ball is simply fantastic.

In the video [...]

Why EnergyRebels Prices are so Low

You may have noticed that prices for products available from the EnergyRebels.com store are extremely low.

For example: Our men’s Guragon Shirt is a button down Limited Edition Shirt made by the manufacturer Looptworks.

This shirt has the retail price of $55.00 plus tax and shipping at Looptworks.com but it is available from EnergyRebels.com for [...]

Photothermal Deflection and Invisibility

Photon interactions with Nanotubes power this process:

It seems there is no end to the wondrous applications of Carbon Nanotubes and their derivative technologies.

Researchers have actually created a device out of Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes (MWNT) which can render objects invisible. The invisibility cloak is similar to a mirage. Mirages are the common terms [...]

Economic Threat to the Greater European Family

Will the Euro Survive?

The economic situation in the European Union has worsened. The main problem is that Italy’s public sector (government) debt is currently greater than its Gross Domestic Product (GDP). This is an economic threat to the greater European family…and it may hit Americans as well.

Now you may be thinking, “Greece [...]

We are dreaming of a Pink and Black Christmas

Black Christmas:

Pink Christmas:

There are limited quantities of these unique Christmas bundles so don’t delay.

List price is $83.00 but it’s on SALE NOW.

$59.99 for either women or men this gift set is a must have for 2011. Ho! Ho! Ho!

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Weapon Technology Developments

Weapon Technology Developed by Private Individuals and Small Companies:

Individuals and small companies are developing advanced weaponry.

In recent years, fascination with Tesla Coils and lasers by garage-based inventors has led to a torrent of crude yet thought provoking weapon designs. But in 2009-2011, the easy-access to information and powerful tools has enabled inventors [...]

Limited production run of the Pasar Jacket for Ladies

Pasar Jacket:

This new limited run Jacket for women is available now from EnergyRebels.com!

Hello Ladies,

We were able to obtain the special price of $45.00 with FREE GROUND SHIPPING for the Pasar jacket.

This stylish jacket is composed of 61% Organic Cotton and 39% Cotton Canvas.

Features include:

Hidden side seam pockets made [...]

Will Solid State Drives ride the flood to Supremacy?

In Thailand a massive flood thwarted Hard Disk Production

A month ago, a massive deluge flooded Thailand. This flood actually hurt the production capabilities of several traditional Hard Disk manufacturers. It has been predicted that prices for magnetic Hard Disks will increase. Yet we haven’t seen massive retail price increases manifest in Hard Disks. [...]

Current Status of Occupy Wall Street

"You cannot evict an idea whose time has come" – (OWS)

“You cannot evict an idea whose time has come.” – Occupy Wall Street (OWS)

Here’s the current status of the Occupy Wall Street movement:

Police have been enforcing a no-tent rule in Liberty Square. Also, large containers were forbidden from being brought into [...]