GroundBot keeps an Eye on Airport Security

GroundBot keeps an eye on Airport Security – Photo Courtesy of

GroundBot is a security and surveillance robot created by Rotundus. This versatile and sturdy robot is controlled via wireless connection (WiFI).

Groundbot is a spherical robot that is about the size of a large automobile tire. It uses an internal pendulum to [...]

Upcycling as a viable Sustainability Practice


Upcycling is a sustainability practice where “waste materials or useless products” are repurposed for the creation of high-quality goods.

For example, if you were to take pieces of a wetsuit, and use those pieces in the manufacturing process of something like a waterproof iPhone case…that would be Upcycling.

The reason why Upcycling is [...]

Feed your inner Rebel with our Deal of the Day

Feed your inner Rebel !


We understand the Occupy Wall Street protesters and their cause. Our company also values sustainable capitalism and good nutrition. Hungry protesters need a break and we are just the company capable of meeting their demands with healthy snacks.

The Occupy Main Street Survival [...]

Google unveils 360 degree Photos for Businesses

Google Business Photos – CLICK the picture to watch the video

Google has expanded its “Street View” program. Now businesses within cities like Los Angeles, Baltimore and New York City are able to have 360 degree photos taken of their business interiors.

360 degree photography used in Google Street View enables people to virtually [...]

Purchases by Mom Bloggers are more Eco-Motivated than their non-blogging counterparts

Mom Bloggers make an impact – CLICK the picture to see the data

In a recent press release by Scarborough market research, it was noted that Mom Bloggers were 49 percent more likely to purchase locally grown food and eco-friendly cleaning products than their non-blogging counterparts.

Who are Mom-Bloggers?

A Mom-Blogger is a woman [...]

Intriguing Demonstration of LED based WiFi Communication

Image courtesy of TED – CLICK to watch presentation at

Light Emitting Diode (LED) light bulbs are energy efficient alternatives to incandescent lights. But did you know that properly configured LED lights can actually transmit WiFi internet signals?

A presentation by Professor Harald Haas from Edinburgh University featured on TED demonstrates this innovative [...]

Anti-Renewable Energy Political SpamBots caught Red Handed

Anti-Renewable Energy SpamBots caught Red Handed – CLICK for enlarged view

Anti-Renewable Energy political SpamBots have been caught red-handed. A website called, “” wrote a thought provoking and well conceived article on an emerging technology that provides synergy with solar power endeavors. The main point of the article is that molten salt can be [...]

Announcing Energy Rebels Value Packs

Greetings Energy Rebels,

I want to thank all of you for your support during the month of October. Your frequent visits to our site have moved us up 5.4 million ranks for websites on the worldwide web over the past three weeks. Our US ranking today stands at 173,717.

This week the US Commerce Department [...]

Nanoelectronic Synapses

Human Neurons were the inspiration for Nanoelectronic Synapses

The human brain is the apex of organic processing power technology. Scientists marvel at the sophisticated ways in which neurons interact with each other to create thoughts and memories. Yet, Byoungil Lee and other scientists from Stanford University have recently bridged the gap between neuroscience and [...]

October Stock Market Growth – Stabilization or Preparation for New Burst?

DJIA Stock Jump – CLICK the picture for Enlarged View

The stock market growth that happened today is attributable to the new debt deal that Greece received. Banks took a 50 percent loss on the debts owed to them by Greece. This may seem like a smart business move on the part of the [...]