Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs shares his insight

US Senate

Mike Rowe shares his insight with the US Senate

Mike Rowe from the Discovery TV Show: Dirty Jobs gave an impressive speech to the US Senate. In his speech he covers an important skills gap. This gap relates to how Americans these days don’t value technical work like they used to.

The first thing that comes to mind when we hear the word, “technical” is usually something that has to do with soldering irons and computers. But the kind of technical work that Mike Rowe is talking about is hard work like plumbing, engineering, construction and many others.

A problem in America today is that hard work that requires physical labor has been looked down upon when people go to school. Tradesman jobs have been given a title of “Vocational” and have lost some of the sizzle attached to them.

Mark Rowe clearly illustrates how the gap is two fold. First there is a gap in people who are getting the skills required to fulfill tradesman jobs. And secondly he discusses how this will create a gap in the access that citizens have to certain amenities. These amenities include roads, bridges, proper plumbing and many other things.

Check out a video which shows the Mark Rowe speech by clicking HERE. It starts off slow, but it has real value.


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