Solyndra scam reveals itself as the next Enron

Solyndra Scam

527 Million Dollars - Flushed Down the Toilet

This Solyndra Solar Power scam stinks of Enron.

What happened with Enron? They were a black box company that claimed they could do things that they could never deliver. If you saw the film, “Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room” you’d know that near the end of the line, the company was claiming that they could do ridiculous things like develop technology that could manipulate the weather.

Now years later, we have Solyndra. They have a catchy name with the word, “cylinder” nested in the company brand. And to no surprise their company uses, “cylinders” in order to make a better system for solar panels.

Well, if better means that you actually make no competitive products, complain that the market was tough, and then drain 527 million dollars of taxpayer-funded stimulus money…then yes, your system is the best.

That is, Solyndra’s scam can’t be beat. First, you acquire a burdened, underemployed and intelligent workforce in California. Then you purport your company to be a new type of super-efficient technology that can help the economy. Next, you build an expensive factory that looks like it actually does something. And finally you have your former CEO / Founder vanish from the company literally weeks before going chapter 11.

Voila! Now you have the perfect scam for draining stimulus money from the citizens of The United States of America.

We are flushing money down the toilet.

You are going to hear people say things like, “Oh, 527 million dollars isn’t that much!”

They’re right. On the grand scale of things, 527 million US dollars is only a half of a billion bucks. But, if this .5 billion dollars was handled with this degree of incompetence, then who’s to say that other stimulus money was handled any better?

I recommend that you finish your dinner before watching the video below…it may spoil your appetite.


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